Adventures in Finding Gas and Soup For Lunch

A week off from work due to the aftermath of Sandy and I am off again tomorrow. The following days will be determined tomorrow depending on whether electricity comes back. Friday I waited on line for an hour and a half to get gas. When there were only about 5 cars in front of me the station ran out of gas and closed! I was so mad. I proceeded to drive around looking for another station. Each one I found had a line longer than the last. Not wanting to wait again only to be turned away  I gave up for the day and went home. I tried again yesterday and after waiting 2 hours I was able to fill my nearly empty tank.

After our adventure getting gas my boyfriend made a delicious minestrone soup! Perfect for a cold fall day.

Diced tomatoes, potatoes, onions, carrots, peppers, ditalini, and topped with fresh parsley. The only thing missing was some warm bread to go with it. Soup is always better with fresh bread!


Happy Belated (or should I say early?) Halloween

Here in New Jersey for second year in a row Halloween has been postponed, at least in my area anyway.  Last year’s October snow storm left many without power as heavy snow weighing down trees (that still had leaves attached) toppled over the power lines. Unexpected and hard to believe just a month after hurricane Irene we would have a storm like that.  A year later we know what its like to have a severe weather conditions. To have roads blocked off and schools closed. But hurricane Sandy brought a new level of natural disaster to this area. Homes destroyed. People stranded. The scenes from the Jersey Shore leave me speechless. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

I lost power 3 times Sunday night but each time it came back within 20 minutes. Lucky to have food, light, and hot water. My parents have no power but their house is in one piece. A large old tree fell in their backyard but they were lucky- the tree fell away from their house. Some of the neighbors did not have that luck. Roofs caved in as trees invited themselves inside, in one case slicing a house in half.

To those of you affected by this storm I wish you and your loved ones the best of luck with assessing the damage and picking up the pieces. Stay safe and warm.

For a Halloween related Sandy story read this article about a uprooted tree hiding bones and buried caskets being unearthed in Connecticut