Yay for Fall Weather!

Yay for fall weather! I never thought I would actually say that. As much as I am sad to see summer and the warm weather go I have been looking forward to this crisp cool fall weather we have been having so I can go hiking! Life kept getting in the way or the weather would be too warm. Finally we were all set to go last weekend but I had to go and get sick.  All week was more coughing and being under the weather but finally this weekend I was feeling better. Should I have stayed in and rested so I could get completely better once and for all? Perhaps but instead I spend the beautiful day on this hike.

I actually did a short hike a couple weeks ago but it was like walking along a flat road with a bunch of trees. Kind of pretty but none of the amazing views I saw yesterday. And it was not strenuous like I was looking for.

Yesterday’s hike consisted of about 2 hours of steep uphill climbing followed by an hour of downhill as we looped around to our starting point. Within the first 15 minutes I was heavily panting reminding me how out of shape I am! But after a while I got into a rhythm. Not the longest or most difficult hike I have done but I was tired when we finished and felt like I had gotten a good workout. And the views were absolutely amazing.


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