My Mission

My Mission

Trying to find the perfect balance between healthy living and not going crazy. I’ll admit this is made easier by the fact that I love to cook and actually enjoy many healthy foods. But I also enjoy brownies, and chocolate chip cookies, and cheese. Lots and lots of cheese. 

I started this journey overwhelmed. In retrospect exercising everyday, going vegan, and ridding my diet of anything containing added sugar was a bit much for someone who eats cereal and MILK everyday for breakfast and for someone who previously wasn’t even exercising one day a week let alone every day. 

I was reading blogs, articles, books and viewing documentaries about the importance of healthy eating and the abundance of chemicals everywhere. I didn’t think marginal or gradual change was enough. I thought I had no right to preach anything I was learning if I wasn’t following my own advice to a T. 

But no one is perfect. I can’t do everything. And I realize that doesn’t make me a bad person, only human. 

So I will continue to read and will try to do what feels natural and right. Attempt to figure out what is good advice in what I read and what is simply a marketing ploy. Introduce small changes in my life that make me happy and healthy inside and out.


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